Wobbles BOM

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Buy the 15 Wobble Set or buy the Wobbles separately!

Each wobbles character block is 9"x12". The BOM is $60 for all 15 characters or you can purchase the patterns separately to make your own unique projects.

You can make a quilt with all the blocks or use a single wobbles character,
or just your favorite wobbles characters, to make a one-of-a-kind special
quilts for the little ones in your life. 

Cute examples: Make a 'Cowboys & Indians' quilt using Dusty the cowboy
sheriff and Big Toe and Little Toe the Indians! Or make a clown quilt using
Wobbles the Clown, Lester Jester and Wibble Wobbles.




$4.00 Each Character Pattern      

Wobbles Patterns A-K
Wobbles Patterns J-Z

$120 Full set of 15 Character Patterns






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