Class Policy: You must register and pay for all classes in advance. Mail a check, pay in the shop, or we can take your payment by phone. If for any reason you cannot attend, we will gladly refund half the class fee or apply the full amount to a future class.  Pre-cut kits are nonrefundable.

For ALL Classes:  Unless a class is designed  specifically for hand work, you should bring your regular sewing supplies:  Sewing machine and manual, 1/4" foot, thread, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, pins.

TIP: Always bring your sewing machine manual to class!

Sewing machine RENTAL for in-house classes is now available for only $10. This is a per day fee, so if your class is 2-days the fee is $20. Call ahead to book a machine and we'll have it set up and ready for you when you arrive!


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Class Schedule
Saturday Sampler & Lucky Seven
Sat. Oct. 5, 10am-11am
Sat. Nov. 2, 10am-11am
Sat. Dec. 7, 10am-11am

* Be sure to let us know if you'd like a pink or blue finishing kit!

Join us the first Saturday of every month for Saturday Sampler. We'll have snacks and fun! Bring your Show & Tell items and get an extra door prize for every item you bring.

If you're participating in our Lucky Seven BOM, you must be present at 10am and bring your previous months finished block in order to receive your next free block.

Those not attending on time will be charged $7 for their next block.

Everyone is welcome and invited to join us! You do not have to be enrolled in the Lucky 7 BOM to attend Saturday Sampler.

Featherweight Spa Day $85
Sat. Sept. 14, 10am-5:30pm
Teacher: Tabby Champion
All Skill Levels
Bring a lunch!

Do you own the adorable Singer Featherweight? Singer 221 is the most common, but you may bring your Singer 222K to class as well. If yours is black, tan or celery green, bring it in!! Come join us and we will walk you through some Featherweight specific maintenance procedures and exclusive accessories.  Tabby will be bringing in some of these goodies from a FW specialty store so that you can baby your special quilting companion.  This machine is not like all the rest, as you know.  This is a SPA day for your machine. Bring your Featherweight, pedal, manual, all your accessories and the case if you have one. Also, bring an old toothbrush, old T-shirt to use for cleaning and an old towel that can be soiled.  We will go over ways to improve and refurbish or breathe new life into your case as well.  Oiling, lubrication, belt tension, musty odors, case latches, cords, light bulbs and other accessories will be explained and demonstrated in this class. Just the tip of the needle! Save your space now!

Finisher’s Day $10
Wed. Sept. 18, 10am-4pm
Teacher: Linda Hayes
Bring a lunch
All Skill Levels Welcome!

Bring whatever you choose to work on. Our goal is to get our UFO’s Done! Linda Hayes will be available to help with advice and technical assistance. Just call the shop and reserve your spot. We can accommodate 8 people. Minimum of  of 4 students are  required for this event to proceed.)

Traditional Hand Quilting $45
Fri. Sept. 19, 10:30am-1:30pm
Teacher - Linda Camp
All Skill Levels

There is something soothing about the rhythm of hand quilting in this era we live in, where everyone puts more value on getting things done quickly than they do in enjoying the process. We will be attempting to mimic the small even stitches that were the norm when ladies used their needles on a daily basis. We will be learning how to mark and baste a small quilt sandwich, how to load your quilt sandwich into a quilting hoop, and how to properly use a thimble to control the needle, rather than your fingers.

Supply list:
White or neutral quilting thread (NOT sewing machine thread) 
#10 Piecemakers needles**
Collins Safety Thimble** (we will help you find the right size for you). 
A 12” or 14” quilting hoop** 
Small Scissors**
Needle Grabbers**
** Item is available in the shop

Serger Class $35
Fri. Sept. 20, 1pm-4:30pm
Teacher: Tabby Champion
All Skill Levels

Learn to thread, change thread colors and stitch with your serger.  It doesn’t matter if it’s new in the box or an older one, bring it to class. We will stitch on several fabrics, provided for you, to learn the ways of your machine.  Each serger has differing accessories, but you can gain confidence and be happy with your progress by the end of class.  Sergers are perfect for mending, finishing seams, garments of knit and various other applications available to you and varied by the serger model you own. If you have specific concerns on your machine, please call the shop on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday and Tabby can help you.

Supply list:
Serger, Power Cord & Pedal & Serger Manual
Spare Universal needles
Tool Kit and accessories that came with serger
One cone of thread for each thread holder (one each of blue, red, green & yellow, to better display the threads and their placements, is recommended, but you may use a singular color scheme if you prefer)
Tweezers, Scissors or Snips

Beginner Friendly Mariner’s Compass $35
Sat. Sept. 21, 10am-4pm
Teacher: Linda Camp

The beautiful Mariner’s Compass Block has been around for a very long time. It is one of the oldest quilt block designs used in the United States. They were inspired by the beautiful designs on antique sailing charts and indicated the directions that the eight major winds blew. North was usually depicted with a fleur-de-lis, and east depicted by a Christian cross to indicate the direction of Jerusalem. This block has a reputation of being difficult, but any careful sewer can make this block. We will be using the Marti Michell 14” template set to cut the blocks, insuring that each unit is accurately cut. After that, all we have to do is maintain a 1/4” seam allowance, and sew.  The units join together to form a circle, but we ARE NOT doing curved piecing! The circles are appliquéd onto a background block by either hand or machine.

Supply list:
Marti Michell 14” Mariner’s Compass Template Set**
Piece A - 6’ x 20”
Piece B - 5” x 7”
Piece C - 5” x 18”
Piece D - 3-1/2” x 40”
Center Circle  - 6” Square
18” Square for Background**
Sewing Machine, with manual.
Rotary Cutter &Cutting mat you can turn (11”x17” or 18” x 24”)**
Neutral or matching thread **
** These items are available in the shop

Beginning Quilting: Rail Fence $35
Fri. Sept. 27, 10:30am-1:30pm
Teacher:Linda Camp

This is the first class that we encourage new quilters to take. We offer all the introductory information a beginning quilter needs. There are 3 things that make your quilting a success:  accurate cutting, sewing a 1/4” seam allowance, and pressing properly. We learn by repetition, so we will repeat the same steps for every strip set and every block. We will cut and sew 7 rail fence blocks during class. You will feel confident to finish your quilt top at home.

Supply List:
1/3 yd - Each of  6 fabrics for the Blocks
1/4 yd - Inner Border
1/3 yd - Middle Border
5/8 yd - Outer Border
2-2/3 yd - Backing
3/3 yd - Binding
Sewing Machine (bring the Manual)
1/4” Foot to fit your machine
18” x 24” Cutting Mat**
Rotary Cutter**
6” x 24” Ruler**
6-1/2” x 6-1/2” Ruler**
Glass head Pins**
Neutral Thread**

Machine Embroidery Basics $75
Sat. Sept. 28, 10am-1:30pm
Teacher: Tabby Champion
All Skill Levels

This class is for those with a new machine or who are having less than satisfactory results. Learn how to work with towels, fleece, woven and knit fabrics. Various stabilizers will be explained and all questions are welcome.

Supply list:
Embroidery Unit
Stabilizers (water soluble, tear away & cut away)
Cords and Cables
Dongles or Laptops/Tablets
Bobbin Thread
Embroidery Threads
Embroidery or Hopping/Darning Foot
Tee Shirt
Towel (hand or full size)
Other fabrics to play with and your list of questions!

Machines differ, so if you have a specific question or concern please text Tabby @ 706-905-5115.

Beginning Quilting: Partial Seams $35
Sat. Sept. 28, 2:30pm-5:30pm
Teacher: Linda Camp

Have you ever looked at a block where the edges or angles were off set from one another and wondered “How was that put together?”  If so, there’s a pretty good chance that it was done with partial seams! Once you learn this trick you will see just how easy those blocks can be constructed!  We will be making 4 different blocks, using the same technique.

Supply list:
3/4 yd Background Fabric**
5 Fat Quarters**
Sewing Machine with 1/4” Foot (Bring your Manual)
Neutral Thread**
Rotary Cutter & Mat**
6” x 24” Ruler**
** These items are available in the shop.


2 Free Sew Days
Tues. Sept. 24 & Wed. Sept. 25
10:30am-4pm each day

This is a package deal! When you sign up you get both days and can leave your machines and supplies overnight for the second day. We'd like to help you do a little more of what you want to do! Come in and work on those things you need (or desperately want) to get done. Bring any project!

The Artistic Journey of a Left Brained Quilter $15
Lecture by JoAnn Camp
Sat. Oct. 5, 3-5pm
Everyone is invited to attend!

JoAnn began quilting after her retirement. Like most of us, her first quilts were traditionally pieced. Somewhere, somehow... she quickly realized that there is a whole world of other possibilities. Her inner artist was born! She now draws most of her inspiration from nature. (She will occasionally venture into portraits of family members.) 

JoAnn will be telling us her personal story. The baby steps she took when she first began. She will describe the techniques she uses to achieve the realistic shading and the painterly look of her quilts and speak about her inspiration and motivation behind the new projects she tackles.

She is way more humble than she should be. Her very 2nd quilt was accepted into a traveling show. Her work has now being purchased for display in public institutions, and she received a whopping 10 page spread in Art Quilting Studio Magazine!  You are guaranteed to enjoy her presentation!

Piecing Outside the Box: Ruby Tuesday
$35 sign up fee, $15 per monthly class
Tues. Oct. 8, 10am-1pm
Or Tues. Oct. 8, 1:30pm-4:30pm
Teacher: Linda Hayes
Confident Beginner

Meet Ruby Tuesday, this year’s sampler quilt that will be made over the 12 months of 2019. The star blocks are predominantly made using the book, Quick and Easy Block Tool. The challenge for this quilt is to choose one color – mine was red! – and select a wide range of values from medium light to dark. The star blocks are framed by “chains” of two backgrounds – mine are cream and tan. Yours could be whites and creams, light gray and medium gray, tiny prints with a white background and tiny prints with a cream background… you get the idea.

Supply list:
Quick and Easy Block Tool book
Sewing machine and standard sewing supplies
Rotary cutter, rulers, and small cutting mat
A personal pressing surface and mini iron are always helpful

MEND - Charity Quilt Workshop
All Volunteers Welcome!
Wed. Oct. 9, 10am-4pm
Leader: Adee Nelms

Bring a lunch, and  join Adee to work on charity quilts for victims of domestic abuse. Our quilts are donated to Hope Harbour, the area domestic violence shelter, where the women and children are truly trying to “mend” their lives. We will be working with patterns that will produce attractive quilts quickly. Hope you can join us! Feel free to bring scraps from home to combine with other donated fabrics.


Baltimore Album $15
Fri. Oct. 11, 10am-1pm
Teacher: Linda Camp

Baltimore Album Appliqué is a modern term used to describe the elegant Appliqué blocks that emerged in Maryland and southern Pennsylvania during the 1840's and 1850's. They were masterpieces of needlework and used many types of Appliqué techniques, padding, fabric manipulation, embroidery and inking techniques. We will explore these techniques and make some beautiful quilt blocks. This type of Hand Appliqué is time-consuming, and we live busy lives today. When this class has been offered in the past, people often felt guilty if they didn't complete a new block every month, so we will be taking a more relaxed approach to this new monthly class. We will each progress at our own pace. Let's consider it a "Learning" sit and sew. We will advance at our own pace and enjoy the process. Many of the Baltimore Album Pattern Books are now out of print, however, Linda can provide patterns from her collection.

Supply list:
Background fabric 13-1/2" square
12-1/2" square freezer paper
1 fat quarter for Appliqué (red is traditional)
Glass head pins
Safety pins
Small scissors that cut to the point (we love the Karen K. Buckley sissors with serrated blades)
Fine sharp needles (Linda uses #12 Piecemaker's Appliqué needles)
Silk or other very fine thread to match the Appliqué color and white to match the background
Frixion or water soluble marking pen
Thimble is optional
Black Frixion Marker
White Sew Line Pencil or Roxanne White Pencils
Paper cutting scissors

Mariner’s Compass $15
Fri. Oct. 11, 2pm-5pm
Teacher: Linda Camp
Confident Beginner
Class is Full

This month we are making a rather basic 16”compass, which will be appliquéd to an 18” background block. It will have a layered appliqué center like the ones we have made for the last 2 months. The new element this month will the the addition of the appliquéd Fler-de-lis at the top of the block.  Make your freezer paper templates before class.

Supply list:  
(Template #1) - 3” x WOF Strip
(Template #2) - (2) Strips 1-1/2”xWOF
(Template #3) - (1) Strip 4-1/2” x 18”
(Template #4) - (1) Strip 1-3/4” x 16”
(Template #5) - (1) Strip 6” x 24”
(Template # 6) - (1) Square 9” x 9”
(Template # 7) - (1) Strip 2-1/3” x 20”
(Template # 8) -  (1) Strip 1-3/4” x 24”


English Paper Pieceing (EPP) by Hand $35
Sat. Oct. 12, 10am-1pm
Teacher- Tabby Champion
(Beginner friendly)

We will show you how to baste your shapes with different methods. That way you can use the one you like the best. Then we will join your shapes together to create your block. Various shapes will be demonstrated to show youths potential of EPP.  Fussy cutting for special effects will be explained too! 

Supply list:
Charm pack of fun fabrics
Solid FQ 
Fabric glue
Hand needles; applique or quilting size
Thread; neutrals work best, but students choice
Thimble (optional)


English Paper Piecing by Machine $35
Sat. Oct. 12, 2-5pm
Teacher: Tabby Champion 
Beginner Friendly

If hand piecing isn’t your cup of tea, then this is the class for you! You can get the incredibly precise look of English Paper Piecing without the time consuming hand stitching. The fabric is glued around precisely cut paper pieces and then stitched together on top with a narrow zig-zag stitch using clear monofilament thread.

Supply list:
Seven dancing sister acrylic templates (recomended)
Seven dancing sister 1 block epp papers
June Tailor fabric glue pen
Bottom line thread in any color
Invisible thread in the best color for your fabrics
Rotary cutter, good blade or bring extra
Rotary mat
Print or graphically pleasing panel of your choice for large kite shapes, 1 yard if fussy cutting or we can help you count repeats
Several coordinating fat quarters or yardage 
Sewing Machine with zig zag capabilities, and a fresh needle size 12 sharp, Machine pedal & Machine Manual
Seam ripper
Steamfast iron (if you have one)
Steady Betty (if you have one)
The Cutterpillar Premium Glow light mat is highly recommended 

Finisher’s Day $10
Wed. Oct. 16, 10am-4pm
Teacher: Linda Hayes
Bring a lunch
All Skill Levels Welcome!

Bring whatever you choose to work on. Our goal is to get our UFO’s Done! Linda Hayes will be available to help with advice and technical assistance. Just call the shop and reserve your spot. We can accommodate 8 people. Minimum of  of 4 students are  required for this event to proceed.)


Pie & Ice Cream Quilt $35
Fri. Oct. 18, 10am-4pm
Teacher- Jill Murchland
(Intermediate Skill Level)

This beautiful paper foundation pieced quilt is very scrap friendly. It’s a wonderful way to use up some of those small bits you’ve been saving. The pattern is well written and easily understandable, with lots of pictures to guide you.This quilt also presents an opportunity to tackle gently curved piecing. Leave your fear at home! Jill will walk you through each step, will provide a template for the curved piecing units, and your work will look amazing! Because of time constraints, you will probably only complete 2 full blocks in class, but you will leave with the confidence to finish at home. Also because of time constraints, some pre-cutting will be required before you come to class. Those instructions will follow the supply list.

Supply list:
Pie & Ice Cream Pattern
5 yds background fabric
10 Medium value Fat Qtrs. (Or equal scraps)
10 Dark value Fat Qtrs. (Or equal scraps)
Carol Doak Foundation Paper
***SBQ will be happy to make 4 copies of the Letter Size Foundation papers to make the 2 blocks needed for class if you have not already copied them.***

Sewing Machine with 1/4” foot  (bring manual) *don’t forget the foot pedal
Thread - neutral
Long ruler (24”)
Square ruler 6-1.2”x6-1/2” or larger with a diagonal line
Add-a-Quarter ruler (for paper piecing)
Rotary Cutter and mat
Fabric marker
5 paper plates

The following items are required to finish the quilt, but need not be brought to class.
Optional Borders: 1-1/2 yds. Wide inner border
3/4 yd. narrow outer Border
3/4 yd. fabric for binding
5 yds. For backing
Twin size Batting

Background - Cut one strip 3” by width of fabric.  Subcut into 2” x 3” rectangles
Fat Qtrs  (or scraps) - At least 32 rectangles 2” x 3” 
(4) 6-1/2” squares cut once on the diagonal
(10) rectangles 2” x 4”
(10) rectangles 2-1/2” x 4”

Saggy Britches $45
Sat. Oct. 19, 10am-2pm
Teacher:Tabby Champion
(All skill levels)

We have all had a pair of Jeans that needed some tweaking. Our slacks too have sometimes needed help. Do yours gap at the waist or look like droopy drawers in the seat? Come and learn how to adjust that with a little skill and patience. This class is not for someone who is not reasonably familiar with their machine, please be a confident beginner or a brave quilter. For this class we will focus on the waist and seat. If you have other garment issues, contact Tabby and she will be happy to set up classes to fit your specific needs.

Supply list:
Jean's or slacks
Thread to match top stitching and or fabric, match as close as possible 
Jean needle, size 16
Fabric marker, frixion is great
Seam ripper
Extra bobbins
Sewing Machine, Power cords
Sewing machine manual
Sewing machine accessories such as extra presser feet
Be willing to try the pants on, or bring some to just practice on that no longer fit.

Big Stitch Quilting $35
Sat. Oct 19, 2:30pm-5:30pm
Teacher: Juli Pope
All skill levels

Big Stitch hand quilting is a faster way to get a great different look and still have the fun of finishing your quilt yourself. How often do you get to take a class from the person who LITERALLY wrote the book on Big Stitch Quilting! It is a fun and fast way to finish your project with unexpected pizazz!

Supply list:
12wt Autifil thread
Pepper Corys sashiko needle set.
Bring a quilt sandwich or SBQ can supply a pre-printed panel for $5 that would be perfect to practice on. (If you pick a panel you will still need to bring a backing and batting.)
505 spray
Safety Pins

Thread Conditioner
Hera bone (marker)

Lickety Split Jr.
Class fee is $15 if you buy 10 fat quarters and the pattern
Class fee is $35 if you bring your own fabric
Tues. Oct. 22, 10am-5:30pm
Teacher-Linda Camp
(Beginner Friendly)

It’s call Lickety Split for a reason! It goes together really quickly. This quilt measures 39” x 46”. It’s the perfect size for a crib quilt or wall hanging and the top can be completed in a day. You can choose fabrics that really blend together, or you can choose a modern graphic look by choosing fabrics that don’t necessarily blend. You will learn how to stack your fabric for speedy cutting, how to mix them up to create a one-of-a-kind design, and how to make a border and binding using the scraps (and still have a lot of fabric left over!)

Supply list:
Blocks - 10 Fat Quarters
Inner & Outer Border - 1/2 yd
Backing - 1-1/2 yd
Neutral Thread
A square ruler at least 9-1/2” x 9-1/2” or larger
Rotary Cutter & Mat
Sewing Machine with a 1/4” foot (Please bring Manual & foot pedal)

Demo Days - FREE
Wed. Oct. 23 & Thurs. Oct. 24
ALL DAY LONG, Come by anytime.
Teachers: Tabby & Linda

This is an opportunity to learn a little more. It is our goal to help you reach YOUR goals. We will be showing you how to work more efficiently, what tools you use to get a quicker or more polished project, hopefully showing you something you haven’t seen before. You may choose which demos you’d like to see.

-One of our most frequently asked questions is about binding. We will show how quickly and easily it can be done.

-We love English Paper Piecing and fussy cutting - we’ll show you how to do it by hand and machine.

-We also get a lot of questions about machine appliquéd designs... we will walk you though each step... tracing your design, building it with an appliqué pressing sheet, placing it on a background, and finally, how we stitch it down.  

-We’ve been doing demos of our HST stencil for years, but there is always someone who hasn’t seen our method for making 32 perfect HST’s in 15 minutes.

-We also will show you something we HAVEN’T shown before: How to make an amazing project using 10” squares that have been sewn into HSTs.

-AND - we’ll take away your fear of Foundation Paper Piecing!


Quilting with a Walking Foot $35
Fri. Oct. 25, 10am-1pm
Teacher Tabby Champion
Beginner Friendly

This class is designed to widen your Quilting horizons. Many of us only use the Walking Foot to quilt in the ditch, or to do other straight line quilting. In truth, you can do SO MUCH MORE! We use stencils that were intended for hand quilting, however, we choose those that offer continuous line designs or that are easily done by "Traveling" from one line to another.  You will learn how to lock your stitches when you begin and end a line of quilting, how to pull up the bottom thread so the work is tidy on the back, and how to choose a design that can be quilted with a minimum of "turning" the quilt in your domestic machine. How to pre-mark those borders when the stencil doesn't exactly match the length required.

Supply list:
Sewing Machine and manual
Walking foot (make sure it fits your machine BEFORE class - Call Sunday Best or Lafayette if you need one!)
A quilt sandwich:  a solid color or neutral color fabric 22"x46" long to mark for quilting.
A piece of batting and a backing about 2" wider and longer than the top.
505 spray adhesive
Safety pins
Frixion or water washable marking pen
We will have stencils available in the shop for marking the designs.
Contrasting sewing thread for quilting (so you can SEE your stitches).
We quilt with our regular sewing needles

Free Motion Machine Quilting $35
Fri. Oct. 25, 2:30-5:30pm
Teacher: Linda Camp
Beginner Friendly

We will be dropping our feed dogs and playing with thread! Learn the basics of free motion quilting and how to handle and turn a bulky quilt. It’s not hard! Once you know these techniques and practice a bit, you can quilt anything.

Supply list:
Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
Sewing machine, with a 1/4 inch foot (if you have one. Also bring your manual if you have it.)
Cotton Thread 40-50 weight (contrasting color to fabric-so you can see your stitches)
Darning Foot (Preferably Open Toe Or Clear Plastic)
(5) 14” x 14” quilt sandwiches (muslin or solid & batting)
#12 needles
Safety pins
Pencil or washable marker

Supreme Slider (if you have it)

Quilting Gloves (if you have them)

*This class requires a special "foot" for your machine. You will need a Darning Foot (open toe works best) for this class. If you need to purchase this foot, please contact Lafayette Crouch of Crouch's Sewing Machine Repair & Sales at 706-366-5579.  And be SURE this foot fits your machine to avoid disappointment in class! You also need to know how to "drop your feed dogs" before you come to class!


Free Sew Days
Tues. Oct. 29, 10:30am-4:30pm
Wed. Oct. 30,  10:30am-4:30pm

It's a package deal! Come both days and leave your things overnight. We'd like to help you do a little more of what you want to do! Come in and work on those things you need (or desperately want) to get done. Bring any project!



Skill Builders

Skill Builders are just what the name suggests.  Each of our 12 beginners classes builds your ability by teaching quilting techniques from beginner to advanced.  Mastering each of these construction techniques will enable you to steadily grow your talents and pride of workmanship.

Individual Lessons

We offer one-on-one individual lessons with a qualified professional quilt teacher.  Learn individual skills one at a time or choose a specific project to take from start to finish.  Want to learn a specific skill?  Contact us and tell us what you want! We'll design a class just for you! Lesson pricing varies based on the skills you wish to learn, the length of each lesson, and the supplies required.

Small Classes

We offer a number of small group classes during the year. Class schedules and class length vary by project. Projects are chosen by the teacher and many classes have been designed based on student requests.  So don't be shy -  tell us if you have a favorite pattern you want to learn to make!  View our list of upcoming classes and sign up soon since our classes fill up very quickly.

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