Stars of Excellence

Stars of Excellence are cute metal star Christmas ornaments that we award all year long. This is our way of acknowledging and supporting our students and customers for their hard work and always impressive stitching skills! We randomly award a Sunday Best "Star" when we recognize excellence. So don't be afraid to show us your work! We love it when you for share your talents with us!

2017 Awards

Jan Wilson - For her original design TANGO made in our Collage Class.

2009 - 2016 Awards

Jinny Potter - For free-motion quilting beautiful feathers.
Linda Buchannan - For a beautiful little jacket made with handkerchiefs and embroidery from several generations.
Patty Davidson
- For creating and donating a beautiful charity quilt!
Mary Ann Bensema
- For creating and donating a beautiful charity quilt!
Rebecca Chester
- For creating and donating a beautiful charity quilt!
Jan Wilson - For exquisite quilting on her Peacock quilt!
Donna Cacavio
- For her Judy Niemeyer Glacier Star. This is Donna's second Star of Excellence!
Pat Harris - For excellent work on her Bargello and mini quilt tops
Sydney Caldwell - For amazingly detailed work on her Baltimore Album quilt!
Karen Fuller - For her beautiful Ker-Bloom art quilt!
Dee Golan - For beautiful use of challenging fabrics!
Sandra Craven - For a gorgeous landscape quilt done in the Cynthia England peiced picture style.
Jean Hartin - For a beautiful Ceaser's Crown block!
Lee Grant - For her quilt named Vortex. GREAT JOB!
Pattie Davidson - She reduced the woven heart 50% to make a charming ornament.  It's the perfect size for a hersheys kiss!
Lee Ann Scoggin - For excellent piecing!
Jill Raines - Beginning quilter, her first quilt top measured perfectly on all sides and that's rare!
Vickie Gillespie - For not being afraid to stretch outside the box!
Valerie Long - Excellent work on Skill Builder #1: Rail Fence piece, the back is neat as the front!
Martha Ragan -
Beautiful miniature, "Storm at Sea", it contains 1065 pieces & is only 18" x 24"!
Martha Donaldson - For taking it to the next level!
Jessie Moore -
Made a beautiful block and she had never even used a rotary cutter before!
Jessica Williams - Excellent workmanship on her very first quilt!
Donna Cacavio - Beautifully executed work with extremely precise piecing!
Ginny Potter - For perfect points and intersections!
Martha Donaldson - Great scrap fabric recovery!
Sydney Caldwell - Beautiful original design!
Jeanne Charpentier - Creative original triangle design!
Nell Oates - Exceptional quilting with a walking foot!
Junko Clark - New quilter, after only 2 appliqué classes, created an absolutely beautiful quilt.
Gracie Jones - Great use of recycled fabrics!
Linda Hays - Exceptional use of leftovers and scrap fabric!
Lu Sanders - Exceptional machine quilting for a beginner!
Debbie Norman - First completed Block of the Month - it was beautiful!
Janet Bailey - For her beautiful piecing & color choices for Bargello in the Round.
Toni Boyer - For exceptional quilting on the Tumbling Blocks quilt she made in Teresa's class.
Sunny Pedigo - For her exceptional scrap quilt designs.
Cerelia Sutherland - For excellent work on her first original design.
Kim Carroll -
Completed her first quilt in our quilt in a day class, did an extremely excellent job!
Susan Taylor - Completed all our Skill Builders, improving along the way, does lovely work!
Nell Oates - Lovely job on her Pockets-a-Plenty purse!




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