Half Square Triangle Stencil

Our Half Square Triangle Stencil allows you to make super fast & accurate finished half-square triangles in 8 sizes.  Great for finished blocks, borders and more! Our method is faster than the bias strip method...try it and see!  The stencil size refers to the accurate FINISHED size of the half-square triangles.

Our HST stencil is easy to use!
YouTube Video Tutorial
Printable Photo Tutorial
Printable HST Assembly Options Tutorial

HST Stencil Size: HST Stencil Makes:
1" Stencil 32 Finished HST
1 1/2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
2 1/2" Stencil 32 Finished HST
3" Stencil 18 Finished HST
3 1/2" Stencil 18 Finished HST
4" Stencil 12 Finished HST
4 1/2" Stencil 12 Finished HST

Half Square Triangle Stencil Sizes


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